28 July, 2005

Nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop...

'Nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop'... thus went the lyric of a song by the dear departed Cobain, Kurt. Such poignant words in such a time. Also brings to mind another song by some bollywood director... 'rain is falling chama cham cham.. ladki ne aankh maari gir gaye hum'

As you may infer, I am bored. Have been sitting cooped up in my house since the past three days, due to the heavens opening up. OK, I am thankful for not being one of those who had to suffer huge losses, but I am still a tad peeved. There is only so much you can do with no television, and no computer. Power grid failure it seems, eh? Just made me realise how dependent we are on these two devices.

There is too much depression around, but as always, it is the spirit of the mumbaikar which lives on... Will end now with a positive song...
Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah
Make you wanna move your dancing feet now
To the rescue, here I amWant you to know, y’all, can you understand?
When the mornin’ gather the rainbow, yeah, yeah
Want you to know, I’m a rainbow too now
To the rescue, here I am
Want you to know, y’all, can you, can you, can you understand?

16 July, 2005

olfactory overdose

I love the smell of a fresh new car, with leather seats and all,
love the smell of freshly photocopied pages,
love the smell of new books (thanks to a certain Saurav Palit for re-introducing me to this one, although he took it to an entirely new plane)
love the smell of acetone (recently finished sniffing an entire bottle of nail polish remover.. aaaaah! Folks were a bit worried at home, but dad settled the matter by saying "Its OK as long as he's not getting a new bottle". Oh, how I am fighting the urge!)
love the smell emenating from Pizzeria at Marine Drive. It's almost impossible not to pop in there for a bit when walking by with a loaded wallet.
love the smell of unlit cigarettes. (OK, I know I'm weird)
love the smell of firecrackers
love the smell of freshly baked cookies, mmmmm....
love the smell of a fresh coat of varnish
love the smell of a nice heady wine
love the smell of petrol
love the smell of fevicol
love the smell of... oh balderdash, I've turned into an addict!
And all this smelly business has made me extremely hungry. Off for a bite then mateys, keem smelling!

04 July, 2005

The following is my post to a certain e-group, of which I am a member. This was in response to a general discussion about some people sending forwards, and how that ticks other people off (me included). Here goes:

"I know for a fact that we can't stop people from sending forwards. Sooner or later there will be someone who thinks that forwarding a mail to 50 ppl in the next 10 minutes will prevent him from getting aids the next time he decides to copulate with the nearest simian around him. Or someone who thinks that by forwarding some random mail some random child living in Lesser Mongolia will not get herpes. Or that Bill Gates himself will gift you $5 for every mail that you forward. The point here, is not to not send forwards, but to edit the mails you do decide to forward.

Case in point: The International Consumer Rights Protection Council mail. While I do agree that there are many amongst us who have a pressing need to register complaints against people who sell us defective refrigerators, you dont need to provide the link to read the so called 'solved cases', and then provide us with the same 42 'solved cases'. The "link" happens to do that job for us.

The moral of the story is thus but one word, EDIT. Send forwards, but remove the yahoo/homtmail taglines before you do so. Remove the senders' list before you click the send button. We are not interested in knowing that the message originated from the above mentioned person who copulated with an ape, went through the above mentioned kid in Lesser Mongolia who ended up getting herpes anywhichway, through to the spam filters of Bill Gate's Hotmail, untill someone decided that hey, SPAM IS GOOD FOR YOU! Also, amongst the plethora of jokes sent, I am sure that there are atleast 2 or 3 that are low even by your standards. Delete them. Quality not quantity, is what works, right?

Baaki sab kushal mangal hai. Likhte rehna ;-)
saadar pranam
tumhara mitr

P.S.: It just occured to me, but can we register a complaint in the above mentioned 'International Consumer Rights Protection Council', for mental distress caused due to forwards? Naaah, just kidding!

03 July, 2005

Think Floyd

Yeah, thats all I've been doing since the past couple of days, think Floyd, that is. The LIVE8 concert was on, and the best band in the planet reunited. Watching them perform together after all these years was enough to give one the goosebumps. If only I could have been there to see them, in flesh and blood! Would have been worth going to London just to be there for 12 hours, see the concert and come back.

Meanwhile, in faraway Philadelphia, the camera scanned the crowd as I caught a glimpse of the Indian Flag. Made me think of Kapil. I wouldn't be too surprised it that was him waving the flag. Hope that atleast my friends if not me, were able to be a part of LIVE8. But in the same vein, I hope no one I know was in London seeing Pink Floyd perform. I would never be able to look at them in the eye again. Yes I am jealous, goddamnit.