07 June, 2005

'bout simians and butts.

Its been more than a month since I have last posted, and withdrawl symptoms have never hit me harder. Now, even with just two days left for the cursed bi-annuals to get over, I can't hold back. No no, don't stop me. So here I am, back with my glass of pomegranate juice, tapping away on the keys. Nothing to say really, just wanted to loosen them rusty fingers a bit.

Ripley's belieu it or not:
If a sufficient number of monkeys were placed in front of a set of type-writers and left alone long enough, they would eventually produce all the works of shakespeare!

Random thought #356
Ever wondered how you'd look in a thong but didn't have the courage to go out and buy one? Fear not! Presenting, the do-it-yourself thong. But first, drop your pants! Now, that being done, roll up your underwears and stuff them in the crack of your butt. Stand in front of the mirror and admire your gluteus maximus.
P.S. I would strongly recommend you get rid of them follicles before trying out the above mentioned lunacy. Nobody ever wore thongs with a hairy derriere, you know.