28 June, 2006

meri pant bhi sexy, meri 'skirt' bhi sexy...

It seems that the State Woman's Commission of Madhya Pradesh has taken a cue from the Shiv Sena, and decided to play moral police. The state is among the top when it comes to crimes against women, and the commission thinks that women themselves are to be blamed. So a fortnight after banning fashion shows in government run colleges, the commission has suggested a ban on the wearing of skirts in educational institutes. While restrictions on the dress code have been suggested and even enforced in many a college and university across the country, schools have been spared so far. Not any more. If this ban comes through, and you can bet it will, one can imagine little girls running around in full length pants. But only for a while. After that some XYZ commission will again propose that pants promote western culture, and girls should wear 'traditional indian clothes'. So now we would see little girls running around in salwar kameezes and sarees. So Cute! Soon enough even pre schools kids would be banned from wearing frocks. Can any girl even think of growing up without having worn a frock. Meanwhile, some idiotic student defends her right to wear skirts, by stating that not wearing skirts would hamper the chances of the state's girls at beauty pagents and contests at the national and international level. Deep. I am sure the commission will revoke their plea after hearing this. They must!

But but but, there is some silver lining at the end of the dark cloud. The commission is also thinking of serving a notice to small screen serial maker Ektaa Kapoor. It contends that her soaps are polluting the mind of the young. BRAVO!

...yeh rumaal, bhi sexy hai!

26 June, 2006

more mobile pictures

carrots being washed at dadar market

The fourth seat on the local train dosen't seem so bad now

She's got the whole world, in her hand

12 June, 2006

turn the page

Hmmm... So it has been a long time since the last post. Two and a half months, no job, and a goa trip later (more on that some other time), things haven't changed much. Things are looking down again (yes you read that right). So we decided to get inspired by reading them back-pages from them engineering books of yore.

The following is my take on 'Turn the Page', originally sung by Bob Seger and later covered by Metallica. I wrote this sometime during one of the preparatory leaves I guess. Anyone who has had a KT should be able to identify with the modified lyrics. Anyone who has had multiple multiple KT's WILL know that nothing could express their mental state at the time better.

The lyrics are to be sung to the Metallica version for full effect. The Bob Seger version is far too beautiful to be tampered around with. Metallica did that, thereby letting me mess around further. I would suggest you listen to the cover by Metallica before you read this, else this will seem like hogwash.

Note- The beanpole was one of my roomies. The groans are whatever you may make of them. Enough of history lessons. Here it is:


By the long and lonesome Vashi creek, east of Greater Mumbai
Listening to the beanpole droning out his long groans
As you think about next papers, or the ones you gave the day before

Your thoughts will soon be wandering, the way they always do
When you're cramming 16 hours, and there's nothing much to do
When you just don't feel like cramming, you wish this trip was through

Here I am, on my desk again
Here I am, up on my ass
Here I go plagiarising again
Here I go, turn the page

You walk into the exam hall, like your second home
You feel the eyes upon you, as you're giving papers old
You pretend it doesn't bother you, but you just want to explode

At times you can hope to pass, other times you can't
The same old cliches, is it a pass or a fail
And you always feel out of numbers, you dare not take a stand
Take a stand...

Here I am, on my desk again
Here I am, up on my ass
Here I go plagiarising again
Here I go, turn the page

Out there in the exam, your nerves are totally frayed
Use every ounce of imagination that comes by your way
As the sweat pours down your body, you now begin to pray

Later in the evening, as you lie awake in bed
The attempt of the paper to be figured in your head
End of the day lost all hope, remembering what you wrote
What the fuck you wrote...HUH

Here I am, on my desk again
Here I am, up on my ass
Here I go plagiarising again
Here I go, turn the page
Here I go turn that page...