31 July, 2006

Chuddy Crisis- sometime in 2003

[For those not familiar with the hindi language, your chuddies are your undies]
[The setting:- Akshay Kawale (AK) is sitting on his desk, the lamp is on, its light illuminating the Student Series of DBMS. Saurav Palit (SP) is on the bed, with a toothbrush in his lap. I too am perched on the bed, my antique mobile beside me. For reasons known only to him, SP moves off the bed and squats on the floor 'neath the dining table.]

SP- So are those your 'I'm getting lucky tonight' chuds?

AK- hahahahahahaha

Me- So do you go out to buy your own chuds or when your mom is out on a shopping spree, you tell her to get them for you?

AK- Ya I tell my mom.

Me- So do you ask your mom to pick a specific colour? 'cuz you went from like camouflage green to electric blue!

AK- No actually the plan was that my bro would have white chuds & my dad & me would have a different set of colours. But we never got around to it.

[At this point of time, the duo (SP & Me) start rolling in peals of laughter, him on the floor and me on the bed]
[... some unimportant, unrelated conversation follows. Then...]

Me- So what will happen if one day your bro decides that he has had enough white in 20 years of his life, and he now wants to go technicolour?

AK- Then I guess we will sort by size... [after a brief (pun intented) moments pause]... How does your mom separate the chuds from the washing machine? How are they despatched in your house?

[Needless to say, the duo at this point are pealing again, on the floor and on the bed]


madhatter_withgloves said...

So now all of you are chuddy buddies...

rubbersoul said...

there are some very special moments in ones life. This was no doubt one of them.

Send over the Doshi-isms willya?

SEV said...

Ah the life where chuddies are the final frontier.

And that is so Kawle. He'd have been seriuos about his question too :D

abeer said...

Hell yeah he was serious. There have been more rather embarassing 'serious' questions, the likes of which are not fit for a family oriented blog like mine :)

rubbersoul said...

'family oriented', eh?

well, all right... if that's your story.

But I do believe Mr. Ooshi also warrants a post or 3

And how about a final explanation of the question that has troubled so many.... 'is Loll there?'

Rakshit Doshi said...

HEY.... What happened to your fake PCs... im sure your mom messed it up while seperating it from your bros stash... plausable explination after a few years eh?